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skinny spare wheel for a fiat ducato 2013


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nuttallsmith - 2014-04-26 5:53 PM


many thanks for your reply, I shall have to find a supplier of the underneath kit. Any ideas??


There's no chance whatsoever of you obtaining a 'skinny' spare-wheel for your motorhome - neither a suitable wheel nor a narrow tyre with an appropriate load-carrying capacity are manufactured.


The Rapido 9048DF is a double-floor design (hence the "DF" suffix) constructed on an Al-Ko chassis.


Al-Ko offers two spare-wheel carrier versions




but you'd need to confirm that (as Al-Ko emphasises) your motorhome's chassis can theoretically accept a carrier, and that the Rapido conversion does not exploit the under-chassis space where a spare-wheel carrier might be fitted. With the kitchen and bathroom at the rear of a 9048DF, there's a fair chance (as Billggski warns) that Rapido will have located the waste-water tank where a carrier could otherwise go. As a 9048DF has no 'garage', you may find that it's impracticable to carry a spare-wheel.


I suggest you ask Wokingham Motorhomes about this, as it's probably something owners of recent coachbuilt Rapidos (none of which have a factory option of a spare-wheel) would like to do.

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