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Economy ferries to Spain


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What are they like? Well I am stuck on one and its not very comfortable. To give the operator their due, they did delay sailing because of the forecast storms, but this is the story so far.


What a flippin nightmare!  We lost the engines late last night and so had no stabilisers,  so we were bobbing about in the Bay of Biscay like a cork. They had difficulty in starting the secondary power. I was taken from my cabin to the seats where the roll was less pronounced.Electricity kept cutting off all night, engines went again at about 3 am and they had real problems starting them. I did ask the purser earlier if the captain thought it was wise to go on when we were so close to port in Brittany. Estimated time of arrival 11.30pm, so bang goes my hotel in Salamanca.


Sleep so far - 2 hours in the cinema.  Injuries so far - fell over light on deck, so bleeding leg, and got tossed to the other side of my cabin, hit my head hard and bit my tounge.


Eaten so far - M&S roll before we sailed, half a box of grapes and two special K bars.  They are giving us a hot lunch, I might try some.Sea is so rough I'm not going to scare myself by looking at it. Not feeling too sea sick thanfully due to dosing up and sea bands on my wrist.


I will certainly not be doing this again.

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