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F Reg Fiat Ducato Camelot


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Hi All,


I wonder if anyone could help me.


My father has recently purchased an F registration Fiat Ducato Camelot motorhome.


Although this is a 4 berth motorhome – they are unable to utilise the upper part of the motorhome for sleeping (age related) but are also unable to utilise the lower part for sleeping as it would appear that the previous owners have kindly put in two seats (for driving comfort) as opposed to sleeping practicality.


I have seen from diagrams that the original seats look nothing like the ones that have been put in, as they originally formed part of the single / double bed arrangement.


Is it possible to still buy these seats and if so, would you know where from, or is it possible to get two made that fit the purpose?


Best regards,

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Guest pelmetman
Robinhood - 2014-04-28 8:36 AM


...probably the best contact for all things to do with old Autohomes is these guys:




...who have been around since (at least) the old Autohomes factory in Poole closed.



Ditto Robins post, or there is also in the same area another ex Autohomes chap at Wimborne ;-)





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