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CI licence


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Hi Keith


What a confusing subject. I have checked all our info and we seem to have a number of measurements which are all different.


Maybe you can explain them further. As you may have realised we are fairly new to Motorhomes


According to the handbook, the Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass is 3400kg, the Mass Vehicle Weight in running order is 2945kg (?) and a maximum User Payload of 455 kg.


There are all sorts of weights on the VIN plate, stamped on underneath is 3200kg and 5200 kg which we do not know what this mean, followed by

1) 1690kg

2) 1750 kg which even my my understanding of maths adds up to the 3400kg quoted in the handbook.


Any help you can give to explain this would be appreciated. In the meantime we will check to see f there are any other measurements we need to be aware of.

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....first the VIN Plate



3200kg is the MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass), also referred to as the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) or Maximum Technically Permissable Laden Mass (MTPLM), and is the weight that should not be exceeded when the vehicle is fully manned and loaded. (....but as you have a reference to 3400kg for this weight in the handbook, see later).


5200kg will be the Gross Train Weight, the all-up weight which should not be exceeded if you are pulling a trailer.


1) 1690kg is the maximum front axle loading, which should not be exceeded under any circumstances

2) 1750kg is the maximum rear axle loading, which should not be exceeded under any circumstance


It is usual for the sum of the above two values to exceed that fro the MAM, to allow for some flexibility in loading.


Now, you note that your handbook states that the MTPLM is 3400kg.


This is quite possible if the convertor has decided to re-plate the vehicle (and if they have, there should be an additional plate somewhere on the bodywork to define this).


I suspect your base vehicle may be a Ducato somewhere either side of the year 2000, where such uprating was fairly common after adding Fiat's Camping Car package (uprated tyres and springing) at the factory.


To re-assure yourself that your MTPLM is really 3400kg, you need to find the additional (converter's) plate. (Swift used to put one in the driver's or passenger's footwell - if they didn't forget it at the factory - they posted one on to me for one of my 'vans).


If you post which 'van you have, someone may be able to help with possible location.


Though such plating will theoretically increase the payload, the maximum axle loadings may still prove a bit of a challenge as there is no lee-way on what you put where in achieving that payload.


Whether the MTPLM be 3200 or 3400kg, you will not need a C1 license.



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