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Timing belt


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I have had the timing belt and tensioners replaced today, thought it was about time as the old one was the original belt when I bought the van a 2.8 kontiki 04,so ten years old but only 30k on the clock felt a bit like Russian roulette every time I took the van out ! On visual inspection the old belt looked ok no fraying and was tight I could barely move it, the new belt i can move backwards and forwards more than the old one is this acceptable? Can the belt slip and if it does will it cause damage?

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Do you mean the timing belt as they have teeth and if they jump a tooth it will wreck your engine. By movement do you mean that you can push the belt in and out or do you mean some kind of slippage around the pulleys


Is it possible that you mean the auxillary drive belt which is driven from the angine and powers things like the alternator, power steering etc.


As you appear to have had this belt professionally fitted then your description of it as a timing belt is probably correct. However please let the forum know exactly which belt you are referring to then you will get the best advice available.



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The following link has a drawing of the timing-belt arrangement for a Ducato 2.8litre motor




Assuming that the information is correct, applying a 10kg load at the 'arrow-point' shown should result in the belt deflecting 7-8mm.


I don't know if this movement conforms with what happens when you say that the replacement timing-belt "...can move backwards and forwards more than the old one...", but there's no doubt that (as mike 202 warns) if the new belt is insufficiently tight and 'jumped' on the pulley teeth, serious mechanical damage would probably occur.


You should be asking whoever carried out the work whether the belt-movement is OK. That way, if it were recognised that there is a problem, it could be addressed immediately by the person who fitted the replacement belt. Or, if you were told that the movement is normal and a belt-related problem subsequently happened, you would have grounds for recompense.


I believe that it's unrealistic (and decidedly unwise) to expect any forum-member (however expert) to give you Yes-or-No advice about this based on such a brief description and sight-unseen. As you clearly have concerns about the belt's tightness and it's vital that it has been correctly installed, you should take your motorhome back to the installer for a check to be made.

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