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Solar Panel set-up


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Finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!! got my solar panel delivered. My original order was delivered elsewhere and I ended up with a 150w monocrystalline instead of a 120w polycrystalline. Thanks to Patrick, Director of Friendly Green Giant, who had to get the replacement in from another supplier. The panel looks fairly good apart from a few solder hairs visible beneath the protective cover. The only real quibble is that the tails are 2.5mm sq when the instructions state that a minimum of 4mm sq should be used. Any way I intend to replace the 2.5mm sq wiring with 4mm sq cables. I also intend to run the wiring in one piece through the cable entry gland to the regulator/controller. Any knowledgeable person have any ideas as to why I shouldn't do this?


I am also contemplating putting a Solar PV DC Disconnector in the circuit but doing this seems to contradict the advice, which I seem to recollect reading somewhere, not to leave the solar panel disconnected. Again, any comments?


First day of sun today so out on the patio with everything hooked up. I tried yesterday afternoon but the two batteries that I dragged out from the garage were so badly sulphated that neither would accept a charge. A bit of tough love,about 35 amps worth, sorted out that problem.


Photos attached.


The panel seems to comply with it's Spec but I'm a bit concerned at the low current output when there is a little bit of cloud and when the sun isn't directly overhead.


Next step is to pin down exactly where to locate the hole in the roof. I haven't been able to get any information re the roof construction of a Chausson Flash S2 so I'm a bit concerned. If possible I want to find a timber frame so that I can bolt down at least some of the brackets.


Just noticed that the maximum file size allowed is 100kb so the photos will have to be posted later!



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Something to consider is the location of the regulator,

I placed mine in an outside locker as the cable run from the roof was the shortest.

As the temperature dropped in the autumn i notice lots of water in the same locker i did think a seal had failed although a new camper. propping the door open the problem disappeared.

The heat generated by the regulator in order to get rid of the excess electricity when the batteries are full causes a great deal of condensation due to the warm hitting cold air from outside.

insufficient air flow.I corrected this by fitting a floor vent, am i so pleased it wasn't placed in the wardrobe.

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I thought modern regulators were switch mode devices which shouldn't get hot? I got my panels professionall installed and the regulator is simply jammed into a gap next to the Electroblok and I've had no problems.


Incidentally they simply drilled a hole through the roof (in a carefully chosen place) and sealed well with Sykoflex - i.e. with no gland fitting at all. They reckoned that was by far the best way. No leaks so far.

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The corner brackets supplied are certainly adequate for the job when you work out their surface area.


Ensure that the roof is clean. I would suggest that you roughen the underside of the brackets with abrasive paper. Clean both surfaces with meths (Sikaflex do a cleaner but it is expensive)


If you want belt and braces Amazon sell short plastic brackets (IMHO not necessary) for use on the long side.

I would always use a gland. Have used the plastic mounts on two vans with no problems.

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