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12 volt cab sockets and radio frequency interference


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Possibly a quick question for Nick..is it possible to make the 2 12volt cigarette lighter sockets on dash both live without having ignition on . I am looking for a convenient 12 volt 10 amp supply to power my amateur radio transceiver and satnav devices.Transceiver is rated 100 watt peak power ssb, so average current draw is lower than peak requirement, but must be capable of drawing 10 amp peak from the socket, with or without engine on.

Secondly, is engine electronics likely to suffer from strong rf fields..how well is it shielded..that is one for Clive..


any suggestions


thanks tonyg3nwl

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Think one of the 2 dash sockets may be permanently live, it is on the Transit.


I personally wouldnt use these to power the rig, but run a fused feed directly from the vehicle battery that way you are keeping out of the vans circuit and shouldnt caused any problems if you run 100w.


On all my rigs I use an inline 3 pin mains plug/socket so they can be moved and the unused earth pin keeps me right for polarity. This system allows me to swop and change between van and car and home with little effort depending on which rig I want to use where.

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