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Push on star fixings for rooflight


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Some time back someone some one took the washroom roof light off to clean it. I need to clean mine now.


Mine is the big rectangular one with the plastic bit held on by four Star grab washers, push on fixes or whatever you call them.


The same someone mentioned the size of the said washers, and it would make life easier if I had a set of new ones before I start the job of cleaning it.


What is the size?


thanks H

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For the record, I used GOOGLE Advanced Search and "hymer+522+clean+washer" as the search-term.


This produced a couple of 'hits' - the Caravan Club 2012 thread I gave a link to and the following 2009 MHF thread




I thought that the 2012 thread was the more likely candidate (unless you've got a really good long-term memory!) so I disregarded the MHF thread. However, on reading the latter more closely, I notice that the starlock washers were said to be 8mm, not 7mm, so you'd be wise to check what yours are before ordering.


Baker and Finnemore http://www.bakfin.com/ is mentioned in the first posting on Page 2 of the MHF thread, saying that this company had provided a small number of suitable stainless-steel fasteners free of charge.


Once you've confirmed the correct size of the fasteners you need, you might want to phone Baker and Finnemore for advice on which type/metal would be best (stainless-steel would seem to make sense to me) and, if you are lucky and ask nicely, they might send you a few FOC.

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OK Derek, well, it seems I will have to do what I was trying to not to, that is get up and measure the things!


I will then make a phone call, I like free things!


8mm is a "preferred" size so methinks that might be the one.



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Well, I did it, prise the star washers off or cut them with some side cutters, push the lugs out and lift the rooflight cover off. Spend a couple of hours cleaning it (I used bleach and a pressure washer 8-) ) and then put it all back on. Not my favourite job but now it's clean and should last another 7 years or so.



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