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CC North West capacity


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Err, there's none, nil, diddly squat for this weekend.




Putting aside, CL, s which we use and trying for last minute cancellations, as that's not what this particular gripe is about, it's about capacity in the NW region.


Considering we have some of the cheapest property and land prices in the UK I think the region is unrepresented.


Minor rant done with.



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Martyn, it's a bit unfair to rant at the CC when you probably know deep in your heart that the North West is such a desirable area, building more sites will simply increase the number of members visiting and there will still be no spare pitches.


As it is, there are 6 CC sites in the 'North West' plus 7 in the Lake District. There are 13 in the Cotswolds. If we draw the line from the Wirral to the Scottish Border and over to the Pennines, we're about par for the course.


I've just come back from 5 nights at Buxton CC. It was packed to the gills, especially with families. Not one of the best CC sites because the facilities do take a hammering. However, in the quieter weeks, sites in Derbyshire are worth a look.


I suppose the 14 Yorkshire sites are out of bounds for a red rose?

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