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second leisure battery


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Is it easy to connec t a second leisure battery to a new Motorhome ?,I know it has to be of the same make size ect; but I do not want to disconnect the 1st Battery has it will cancel out all the units in the m,home that have been set,ie sat nav radio.ect; look forward to any replies ,Fesspark,
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There is a lot of earlier forum discussion about this, but I suggest you look at this thread




that includes the following link




Regarding "easiness", it's the sort of task an average motorcaravanning DIYer would probably consider simple enough, but there are definitely pitfalls for the inexperienced.


I'm wary of your belief that disconnecting the existing LEISURE-battery prior to installing a 2nd one would impact on the radio, sat-nav, etc. as such items are usually powered by the motorhome's starter-battery.


In principle it should be practicable to install another leisure-battery without disconnecting the 1st one, but (unless there's a VERY good reason for leaving the 1st battery connected) I suspect most installers would favour disconnection for safety reasons if nothing else.


If you really must leave the 1st battery connected, you'll need to be a lot more careful and you'll be complicating what should be a relatively straightforward job.

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