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Second day away from home, we are in Luxembourg, spent last night on the Aire at Aques (3.50 Euro), we were held up about 2 hours due to two lots of road works, so beware if you are heading this way as they look like being a problem all summer. Being held up, the municpal site at Hesperange, our usual stopover, was full wh

en we got there. They directed us to Camping Knockelscheuer, which to be fair is excellent, although a bit away from anywhere. The site wide Wifi is free which makes up for having to pay for EHU.
A few facts if you are coming this way.
Diesel in Belgium 1.29 Euro, (Cora)
Diesel in Luxembourg 1.19 Euro. (Q8 Hesperange)
Satelite reception is strong on Astra 28.2E, even with our small portable camping dish we are getting all the usual stations and it is cloudy.

Moving on to Salzburg at the weekend with a night near Stuttgard, anyone got any sugestions for where to stay in that area.
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