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Roof aicon on the move.

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Following on from a thread about aftermarket aircon, someone suggested that a roof mounted, Waeco type unit with a suitable inverter could be an alternative. We have such a unit mounted at the rear end of the roof of our van, but we have no cab aircon.

I had considered and rejected using it whilst on the move, partly because I thought it's location at the back of the van would make it ineffective at the front, and partly because I thought that the demand placed on the vehicle alternator might be a tad too much.

I would really appreciate your collective thoughts.


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We have Waeco air con roof mounted, fairly close to the rear of the van. Ours has a remote control. We use it on the move and it is very effective, but always swith off when we stop, as it would flatten the battery.


Ours currently is not working on 12v only on mains, so any one reading this have any ideas, where to look , just arrived back and could have done with it in Spain. OH is going to look at the inverter, may just be a loose conection



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