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Foldaway Towbar Mounted Cycle Carriers.


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This is my 1st post on here so go gentle with me folks........


I work for a Towbar Manufacturer here in Sunny Preston and i would just like to let you guys know we have now just got both 2&3 Towbar mounted cycle carriers in stock.

If you would like any further information on the carriers please feel free to drop me a message and i will be more than happy to help..

Just to let you know the 2 cycle carrier weighs 17kg and the 3 cycle weighs 21kg.



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Dear users, Please bear with me as this is my first post on this forum.

Anyone looking for towbars to be fitted at great prices you can trust with over 50 years in the business and towbar specialists in Preston City Centre, Lancashire. We are approved tow bar installers for BMW, VW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Land Rover, Range Rover including many more. We are The Tow Bar Centre Preston Lancashire. John Ingham Towing Ltd have been in the Preston for many years and have a high standard for quality and friendly service and advice.

Area's we've covered:

With some from:

London Ireland Scotland Germany



  • Experienced dealership fitters
  • Qualified experienced technicians
  • Pre MOT towbar and wiring tests
  • Over 50 years experience
  • Professional and Friendly service
  • Honest trustworthy advice
  • FREE quotations
  • We fit dedicated wiring loom kits
  • Fast reliable service
  • Based in Preston (Lancashire) City center
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PJay - 2014-12-13 7:14 PM


Randonneur - 2014-12-13 7:10 PM


I believe that advertising on this Forum is not allowed.


It's a weekend , so no mods on duty! But how did he get registered?



You sign up and start posting!


No checks required!!!

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