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Reversing Camera


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We have just purchased a Burstner 710i and the reversing camera is not working.

It is a Hexa Chain - when you put the motorhome into reverse there is no picture on the monitor. Any advice where to start checking. Is it the monitor or lead out???


Kind regards,


Brendan :-S

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First thing to check is that there power to both the camera and monitor.

If the camera has Infra Red night vision the LEDs around the lens should illuminate when it is dark. You can cover the camera with a towel to simulate darkness. The ignition should be on and reverse gear selected to activate any switches.

If the monitor powers up and shows a blue background screen that is often an indication of no video signal.

Do the brightness/contrast controls work on the monitor and can you display the menu page (if it has one)?


Without specialist test gear you will have to improvise. A camcorder can be used as a video output source to plug directly into the monitor. Similarly you can plug the video output from the reversing camera directly into a camcorder to to establish if you have a video signal.

The fault could lie with the monitor, camera lead or power feed. You will have to systematically work through and check each component.

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Hi All,


We have now discovered it is the monitor that is faulty. We have a friend who has a 2006 Burstner and we tried their monitor and it worked. Now we cannot find a new one. It is a Hexa-Chain CM-5033AB 12v.


Anyone know a site where we can purchase.





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