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Annecy, Day 19 - 36.


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Annecy; nice to be here again, the views are still magnificent, would never tire of these. For those who have not been here, Annecy stands on the North end of a Lake Annecy which is approx 18 km long and is surrounded by snow capped Mountains... The town has many bars, shops and restaurants and a large park that meanders around the end of the lake, could spend the day here just watching the day go by..


Down the west side of the lake, which is where most things are, there are many campsites and a couple of Aires, one of which is close to the town centre at the back of a car park, but it does get busy..


Also on the west side of the lake there is a dedicated cycle route (disused railway line ) running from Annecy to Albertville at around 40km long..

There are several Lake tours that you can take from the town centre and also a water taxi that stops off at several places along the way. There are quite a few places around the lake where you can go for a swim, one of the best is at Talloires on the east side of the lake, which we cycled to. There is a bar and a restaurant next to a large grass area with diving board and pontoon..


If your interests are paragliding there is a school in Doussard at the south end of the lake, where you can do a tandem jump or as we did, sit by the outside bar basking in the sun and watch others doing it, perhaps next year!!

As for groceries there is a Lidl and Carrefour ( petrol ) just a few miles from Annecy centre, if you need to stock up.. But most importantly of all a McDonalds for your ice cream and Free WiFi.. Opposite McDonalds there is a parking area for around 6 Motorhomes which was nearly always full, not sure if this was an Aire or not..

We stopped in Annecy, Doussard to be exact, for 17 nights, all went too quickly, only have a week left, cannot believe how time flies..


Lots of sites take ACSI or Camping cheques in low season, we stopped at the Camping cheque one in Doussard.. Rated 9/10


Photo's of:-

Annecy centre





Wild life


Derek & Pauline










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Guest pelmetman

I see you've got the hang of pictures D&P B-)..............


But are you using Photobucket or something as the quality seems to be downgraded from the original:-S...............not that I know much about cameras but my cheapo does better quality pics, and I resize them using Picasa3 :D...............But I know a man who does ;-) .........

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Guest pelmetman
Caddies104 - 2014-06-23 5:02 PM



Using the App Simple resize, to get the pic under 100mb,,,,,


How weird :-S...................Your pictures look clearer now............maybe my dongle didn't download them correctly :-|................

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Guest pelmetman
Caddies104 - 2014-06-24 7:21 PM


Think the answer is, to take more Tonic with it!!!


It's these new glasses ;-).....................








I keep spilling it :D..........

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