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You can check if there is a plug in either end by trying to blow through the battery. If there is no plug in either end you will be able to blow right through.

You need your vent pipe in one end and a plug in the other. There may be a plug as a break off part of a terminal cover, if not you will either have to find something to use or go back to your supplier to ask for a plug (or see if you can pull one out of your old battery).



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Yes just remove the plug and push in the vent connector as Keith says. You don't say what type of battery I say that as even Running Bull AGM batteries have a vent hole but on them Keith's test won't work as it's an emergency pressure relief valve.
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"Energy Bull" batteries are 'ordinary' wet-acid type and described in the following section of Banner's website that includes Instructions for fitting a degassing vent-tube.




It seems to be suggested that the 'degassing connection' instructions apply only to 955-01 to 959-01 batteries, but I'm pretty sure all Energy Bull batteries are capable of being vented.


There is further advice in the Banner website's FAQ section regarding fitting a vent-tube, but it does not specifically cover the "Energy Bull" range. Some Banner batteries apparently have a vent-tube 'hole' in both ends of the battery (allowing the tube to be connected to the most convenient end, with the 'hole' in the opposite end being closed by a removable plug), while others have just a single vent-tube 'hole' in one end or the other (seemingly with no standardisation as to which end the 'hole' is in).


I also note the comment from John Miller on this webpage




that "...the hole in the side of the battery does not match the standard battery venting clip..."


This earlier forum thread also mentions the possible need for a non-standard vent-tube connector for Energy Bull batteries




Tayna does offer a "Banner Vent Tube" for £2.49, so not all generic vent-tubes may be suitable.

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Whether or not a Banner battery has a 'central degassing' feature can be discovered by referring to the "Miscellaneous" entry in the Applications data on Banner's website for the particular battery involved.


For the "Energy Bull" range the Miscellaneous datum is either "mGGA" or "mGRZS". "mG" indicates that the battery has carrying handles, "GA" indicates that it has central degassing, and "RZS" "that it has a flame arrester. So all Energy Bull batteries have carrying handles and all (apparently) have central degassing except for the 960-51, 963-51 and 968-01 models that have a flame arrester. Hovering your mouse over the Miscellaneous "mGGA" datum shows degassing via a vent-tube.


Also shown in the Applications listing are data relating to a battery's terminal position (ie. the "Layout"), which may become important when batteries are being retrofitted as an 'opposite' layout to the original battery's may mean that the wiring harness will need to be modified to gain extra length.

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