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Shower hose leak adria 571 coral help

delly baby

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Help... My shower is leaking from the top of the hose, the white bit on the end that plugs in to the hole at the top can anyone tell me what it is called or where i can buy it from. it is like a white hard plastic with a small metal pin on one side , but it seems all rusty, and seems warn down , so it does not fit into the groove. previous owner never said the shower leaked also there is a small black button thing behind the water pipes what is this for.
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To successfully upload photos to this forum requires the size of the photo-file be no larger than 100 kilobytes.


Your Facebook photos show the underside of a tap/shower fitment fitted with microswitches that trigger a water-pump. It seems likely that there will be a rubber seal of some sort in the fitting into which each of the white plastic connectors slots and (I assume) twists to lock. If that's the case, it's more likely that it's this seal that's leaking rather than the leak being due to the white plastic connector being worn or damaged.


I can't identify the shower-fitting used on your Adria from its underside but - if you want to obtain spare parts for it - your best bet would be to contact an Adria dealership. Adria has marketed the "Coral 571" model for quite a few years, so it's possible that different shower fitments have been used during that period.


I'm not sure what you are referring to when you ask about the "...small black button thing behind the water pipes...", but the gold-coloured thing to the right of the white plastic connectors in your 3rd Facebook photo is clearly a nut used to clamp the lower part of the fitment to its upper part.


Unless the white plastic connector or the fitment itself is physically damaged, before resorting to replacing parts you could try using a plumbing sealant. The product described here




is readily available from plumbing suppliers and should fix a minor leak.

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Thank you for your reply. The white plastic bit fixes in to the silver hose one end.then into the hole between the water pipes it sort of pushes on then you hear a snap like its fixed, the rubber seal inside is still intact, but as i lookup it is leaking, problem is not much space as hard to get to it, can just about get my hands up to fit it on. I will try to work out how to make my pictures smaller so i can upload some more as it says 1.66mb It took me ages to tighten all the jubilee clips under the sink as water was leaking there, made it harder they were all facing under the shower , via a 3inch hole. then i realised it was running down from the pipes from the shower, above. wished they would think about access when they make these things, I will try a sealant, god knows how I will do it. due to lack of access.will have to cover my finger in sealant and smear round the joint if i can thank you Adele
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This earlier forum discussion deals with a leaking shower-fitment in a 2008 Adria Coral Compact




but a comparison between the photos provided there and your Facebook photos indicates that the fitting to which the water-hoses connect is not the same in both cases.


It might be useful if you can


1: Say in which year your Coral 571 was made.


2. Provide a photo of the shower operating 'tap', as this might allow the make and model of shower-fitment to be identified. (If you have problems reducing the file-size of your photos, just add them to your Facebook page.)


It sounds from your description "...The white plastic bit fixes in to the silver hose one end.then into the hole between the water pipes it sort of pushes on then you hear a snap like its fixed..." that the plastic connectors are 'locking' properly in place (How do you manage to remove them from the holes they fit into?), so the leak (is the leak just coming from one of the 'holes', or from both?) may be due to a poor contact between the plastic connector and the rubber seal.


I'd try putting a thin smear of Fernox sealant on the end of the plastic connector where it meets the rubber seal, put plenty of Fernox seal around the sides of the connector where it is in contact with the hole, push the plastic connector into its 'hole' ensuring that it snaps firmly into place, and then leave the Fernox sealant to set overnight before screwing the water-hose on to the threaded end of the connector. I'd also smear some Fernox sealant on to the threads of the plastic connector just before screwing the end of the water-hose on to it.


The difficulty is that, however well you describe the problem and however good your photos are, for anyone to offer best advice really requires that they actually see where the water is leaking from. There may be a simple, cheap solution (eg. replace the rubber seal or DIY with Fernox), or you might need to replace the white plastic connectors, or you might need to replace the complete shower-fitment.


As I suggested earlier, if you get in touch with an Adria motorhome dealer, provide details of your motorhome and ask about the problem, he/she should be able to advise on the availability/cost of spare parts.


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