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2004 Fiat Ducato 2.8TD - Fuel injection


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Hopefully someone here may be able to shed some light on a problem I have.

Returning from South Wales on Sunday night a red warning light came up on the dashboard

Checking the handbook:


The book states:

The warning light will come on when travelling to indicate imperfect operation of the injection system with possible loss of performance and higher fuel consumption.

In these conditions you can continue driving but you should avoid demanding efforts......


With fingers crossed we made it home with no obvious performance issues. Yesterday I took it into a local independant garage who connected it to their diagnostic equipment and they obtained a fault code relating to an issue in injector line 4. The mechanic said that this was very vague and could be anywhere from a broken line in the ECU through to a dirty injector and was concerned we could be throwing money needlessly to try and find the fault.


Has anyone else had this issue and what was the outcome.


Many thanks in advance of someone being able to assist.


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Around this time (and slightly earlier) there was a wiring loom problem with these engines which gave similar symptoms.


The loom was under tension, and used to break connection with (from my memory, I'll have to check on Google), number 4 injector. The injection malfunction light would then come on (sometimes intermittently).


The resolution was replacement with a loom with a longer reach, though I have read of the problem wire being "patched". (I had this done on a 2002 Ducato 2.8jtd).


Whilst it may not be your problem, given the similarity and age of your vehicle, it's worthwhile doing a bit of Googling, and perhaps a query of a Fiat dealer who services 'vans.


Edit to add


A search of the FIAT forum confirms this as a common problem even in 2004 vehicles, and often manifesting itself only on no4.


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Hello Stuart,


Robinhood is bang on with this one.


If you have only had the warning light coming on but no mis-fire it means that your connector plug on the injector has momentarily had a break in contact while driving. It corrected itself but reported a fault as it should do.


In time this will get worse and the plug will need to be replaced. We buy complete wiring looms for about £180 and cut the plugs off them so that we can repair up to 4 vehicles per loom!

The offending plug is cut off and the new one (with about 25mm of extra cable) is joined.

Apart from replacing the entire loom on your vehicle, this is the only real solution. The plug is fairly commonly used with Bosch common rail injectors and is the two wire type.


Ask your garage if they have a spare plug from an old loom or send me a message if you want me to see if I have one available. It is not a terribly difficult job but involves some soldering in a fairly confined space with heat-shrink to be added for waterproofing and additional insulation.



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Dear Both

Thank you for this reply it is most useful information.

Would you expect the light to have come on and then stay on for the entire journey home?


The local garage disgnostic came up with fault code P0204 - Injector cylinder 4 circuit.


I only live a short distance from the garage and took the vehicle home last night.

At 1st start up no light after 1/2 mile light came on and stayed on

This morning to bring the vehicle back again no light for 1/2 mile then the light came on and stayed on.


At no point has there been any noticeable loss of pereformance or misfire or anything.


Do all these symptoms still point to the damaged loom. If yes then Euroserv I could well be interested in your offer to supply.

Thanks Stuart

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...it must be best part of 10 years since it happened to me (it was an 02 'van, and it was fixed in the warranty period), so I can't remember the status of the light, (though there was no noticeable misfire) but I suspect it aligned with your symptoms.


I'm not sure if you understand Nick's (Euroserve) background, but he has run a large fleet of lease and hire Ducatos for a good few years, and knows more than most about the subject.


It may not be the answer to your problems, but, since it is a fairly common occurrence, it is certainly a probability.


You might want to see if you can remove a little of the "tension" in the no4 connection, and see if it (at least temporarily) improves things (I doubt you could fully resolve in such a way, though).



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It's quite easy to test the theory actually.


What you need to do is remove the top cover from the engine and pop the oil cap back on.


You should now be able to see the injector tops and the plugs that attach to the upper edge of them.


Get someone to sit in the cab and start the engine. Gently push the cable back and forward and side to side until the warning light comes on. (Number 4 is the furthest to the right when standing in front of the vehicle looking at the engine).


If, in the unlikely event that this does not provoke the problem, the issue may actually be the injector itself and it's not failing to operate correctly until it reaches a certain temperature. Changing an injector on a 2.8JTD is not difficult but it's a rare occurrence to have one fail in this way. The most common fault is worn out back leak seals which will cause them to dribble when switched off and as a result the fuel rail pressure is too low to allow it to start as normal and will progressively become harder to start until it won't at all. Digressing a bit I know but making the point nonetheless that these are very robust injectors.


The Bosch EDC7 Engine Management system is not particularly communicative with either the user or the diagnostic equipment. Many of the 'P' codes used are very generic and are not particularly helpful; most of the time. One thing that is good about it though is that when it tells you that you have a problem with injector number 4, you really do have a problem with injector 4; the wiring to it or the unit itself.


Let us know how you get on.




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