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Indicator bulb


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The on-lne version of the Ducato X250 Owner Handbook that relates to Euro 5 models (which I assume your 2012 motorhome is) includes a longish section on light bulbs (Page Numbers 181-194).


The bulb for the front direction indicator is said to be a PY21W type (21 Watts/bayonet base-fitting), while the side-turn signal indicator bulb is said to be either a W16WF(XL or 'recreational' models - 16 Watts/push-in base fitting) or a WY5W (All other models - 5 Watts/push-in base fitting).


There seems to be no advice in the Handbook about the colour of the bulbs (as sshortcircuit says, they could be clear or orange), but bulb-supplier websites indicate that the bulbs are orange. For example



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