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Rear suspension on 07 x250


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Sorry, I know I have seen this somewhere before but not taken enough notice! Have just collected my 07 Adria Twin from my local friendly and honest local garage. They give it an annual service and pre-mot check but, as it is too big for them to test , I take it to a garage in Lancaster for testing. My garage have noticed that there is no gap between the bump stop and spring on the rear suspension. Is this necessary?
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Hi rog'..

They aren't "bump stops" , they are really spring assistors, so once loaded there may/will not be a gap anyway ...

You are correct, it has been mentioned before...usually concerning MOTs..it would be worth doing a "search" on here for more detailed answer.

(I seem to recall someone posting a link to something "official", explaining the above, that could be waved at a garage/MOT tester if needs be?).


Not the one I was thinking of, but it's useful..


Here's a few more:



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