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ducato starter motor


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My 07 DUCATO 2 X250 starter motor is only just turning the engine over and starting is getting to be a real exercise. Despite the battery being on the charger for a day or so the starter is sounding very weak. Are starter motors the same for all Ducatos or do i have to get a specific one for the X250? Suggestions?
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Start by checking, or preferable replacing, your engine to chassis earth lead. They seem to be a common cause for concern on Ducatos.

Search the forum for more info but this issue does come up fairly regularly.



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The starter has it's own earth so it is not normally affected by the bad gearbox earth problem. You may just need a new one!


I am going to assume that you have a 2.3 engine because it's the most common. If it's a 3.0 I have info for that but not for the 2.2.


Your vehicle probably has a 71724237 or 55195967 Delco starter on it. These have been superceded to 51832949 which is a Bosch unit 0 001 115 079


You have the following options. Motor factors sometimes offer others but they are almost always incorrect.


Fiat New 51832949

Fiat Recon 71794785


Both of the above are insanely expensive! £300 plus!


Bosch recon 0 001 115 078

Fohrenbuhl FS2473


The above can be obtained from Andrew Page. The Fohrenbuhl is their 'own brand' and is very nearly as good as the Bosch. We use it now. The above are in the region of £150 to £180 The Bosch is an exchange unit; the Fohrenbuhl is not. This means less faffing about with old units but that old units are not getting reconditioned. Not happy about that.


These numbers are still current even for 2014 Euro 5 vehicles so it's worth making a note of this for your future records.




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