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In praise of the RAC European Breakdown cover


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As written in our blog http://www.clubmotorhome.co.uk/members-area/blog/entry/the-best-laid-plans.html we had cause to call out the RAC in Spain last week. Their service was without fault!


Now, we are very confident when in Spain, we're used to the culture and speak a reasonable amount of Spanish but to have specialists take care of the whole breakdown situation was absolutely brilliant.


Initially I called the breakdown number in the UK and the ball was rolling...


They arranged a suitable recovery (grua) which was an articulated low-loader because of the size of our van.





Beyond the control of the RAC we then needed a dog friendly taxi because we could not accompany the van in the recovery vehicle. Because it was a Sunday a hire car could not be sourced so a dog friendly hotel was also arranged for the night as B&B accommodation.





Next morning they arranged for a dog friendly taxi to collect us from the hotel and took us to the car hire office where the RAC had arranged a suitable car for us to go to the grua's secure compound to collect some necessary belongings from the van and to give us some transport while repairs were carried out.





They arranged for the motorhome to be further transported to an Iveco agent for diagnosis and repair keeping us informed regularly of progress.


Within 3 days of the breakdown the repairs were completed and another taxi was arranged to take us from the car hire depot to the garage to collect our repaired motorhome.


They called us later in the day to confirm that we were all OK and the motorhome was OK.


The cost to us? Other than the actual repair charges - absolutely nothing! Well actually we did have to pay 8€ for our dog's accommodation at the hotel B-)


Brilliant service!

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Pleased it's all worked out for you.

What insurance company are you with? Worth knowing, as we spend our M H time in France/Spain.

It,s nice to know that the breakdown service works in Spain.

Was it your dog that stopped you being taken by the breakdown vehicle? we don 't have a dog, now.


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Hi PJay,


We're with Aviva via Comfort.


Yes it was our dog that caused minor problems but they were sorted by the RAC.


The last taxi we used turned up unaware that we had a dog so asked to see him before agreeing to take us. I walked from the hire car with him on a lead..... the taxi driver said Madre Mia! apologised and drove off!




He did reconsider and came back after his company got a call from the RAC (lol)

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I'm with Aviva as well, and they were very good for a simple roadside repair in Ireland. Good to know they could cope with a more complicated situation with dogs as well. I guess you get what you pay for, but they were also the best price with my broker.
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I had mixed results with RAC in France. On first day (a Sunday as well) it was very good service, only thing I would fault is they kept ringing back too often and burnt throu my phone credit (souldn't be a problem with latest EU phone ruling) but on second day it was a whole different story, we needed them to ring either garage or us as my technical french is not up to scratch and we needed a few details sorting, I kept ringing them to be told "xxxx is sorting that she'll ring back" well xxxx never did ring back so completely crap service.
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