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Awning Light help


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I want to change the awning light bulb (presumably halogen) to an LED one, however before ordering said replacement I need to get the old one off or at least the cover.


My rig is an Adria Izola 687 (2008) with an awning light that I have seen on many MHs, an oval fitting with the bottom two thirds with a clear lens. I've even seen replacement LED units in the same shape.


My problem and question is how the h*ll does the cover come off?


The unit has four or five lugs that would appear to need pushing in to release the cover. I only have two hands and those don't even work properly thanks to arthritis.


Is there a simple way to remove the cover? I had problems last year when I had an internal halogen fail and couldn't get the glass lens off so ended up buying a new unit. Of course once I bought the new one, I found out how to remove the locking band to release the glass. :$


Hope someone can give a simple answer to help.

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if it is the same as mine you can pop the plastic top part off first with a screwdriver at either end but the light diffuser is held on by two screws. As said they do get brittle.

You have to take to top cover off first to get to the screws. Bugger to get the top cover back on.

Hope that helps, Mark

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