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wireless in rv


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In a word, no. This device is an antenna, so it will potentially give your laptop better WiFi reception, that's all. It's a directional device so it will receive more marginal signal only if you point it in the right direction. Whether there are any wifi signals where you are camping and whether you can log into any of them is another matter.
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Guest Had Enough

If you're using a laptop you can create your own wi-fi zone very cheaply and efficiently using a usb booster.


I have this external aerial which will pull in wi-fi from a decent enough distance. Cost is £52.00 but you can get cheaper ones but they won't be as good.




I then have a programme called Connectify loaded on my laptop. It costs under £25.00 and turns your laptop into a separate wi-fi zone.




I use my laptop for web browsing and emailing etc as it's easier than small gadgets but my wife can log on via the hotspot and use her tablet and I can also update my tablet and use my smartphone to make free long distance calls using Virgin Smartcall.


The big advantage of this system is the ease and speed of connection. The very expensive motorhome wi-fi hotspot devices that are sold can be very tricky to set up each time, whereas logging on my laptop to the nearest wi-fi signal takes a couple of minutes.


An aerial extender such as this means that on sites where most people have to go to the reception area to get a signal, you can get it in your 'van and also connect all your other devices at the same time. It's also good for sitting outside those establishments that have free wi-fi, such as some supermarkets.





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The Solwise router appears to be the same as the Alpha one available on eBay £10-£15 cheaper but there is no guaranty it will have the same firmware & software.

It is a bit hit & miss if these routers will work with a USB aerial they are designed for use with a 3G USB dongle, the Solwise one is known to work with several of the Realtec chipsets. I was using a Solwise Rocket aerial, with the price of the directional ones on eBay it was worth a chance and it works very well. Setting up the router can be a bit of a pain sometimes works first time other times end up playing about for ages.


You don't need the setup/software cd when using with a router.

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