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Faulty Whale bathroom Tap


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As a relative 'newbie' I need some help please. The hot tap on my Whale water system in the bathroom has broken. The cold tap has some resistance when turned and then produces water, the hot tap has no resistance and NO WATER! Any ideas on what the problem is and how it can be fixed will be very gratefully received.
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I beleve your motorhome is a 1999 Swift 590RS and (because of the vehicle's age) I'm guessing that the bathroom taps come from Whale's "Elegance" range examples of which are shown here:




If that assumption is correct, the following webpage advertises some spare-parts




I note that a service-kit (AK5030) is offered, but I'm doubtful that this would address your problem. Your description that "...the hot tap has no resistance and no water..." suggests that something inside the tap may have broken (not too surprising perhaps after 15 years), or it may just be that something has become detached.


Realistically, to find out exactly why your tap won't work it will be necessary for someone who is familiar with Whale products to look at your tap and, probaby, to disassemble it to check what's wrong and to decide if repair is practicable. You might find that correcting the fault is simple and cheap, or obtaining a complete new tap might be the best approach. (Whale Elegance taps were very commonly fitted in UK-built caravans, so you might be able to acquire a replacement cheaply from a caravan breaker.)


Whale does offer contact and support services, so, if you can identify which model of tap you have, you could try seeking advice directly from the company.

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