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Burstner Argos 747 /748 or Dethleffs A7871? Help


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I'm new to the forum so please be gentle!

I've owned an old VW Campervan for years but like my waistline, want to expand the van to match! (& fit it in)!

Settling on either the Burstner Argos 747 or 748 or the Dethleffs Advantage A7871, I would appreciate any comments from owners of the above about what they think of theirs?

Have you had any issues?

Are there common faults?

Whats the Fiat Ducato engine & Alko chassis like?

I'm looking at the 3.0l 160bhp engine rather than the 2.8l engine (Dethleffs that is) - is it capable? What's you MPG like? How's the clutch?


Anyone got the auto?


I've looked back through past threads and it looks like a few have compared these two MH's but can't see any comments after their purchase.


I'd be looking at pre 2010 models for my budget.


So far to my investigations, I like the rear lounge which makes up to a large bed on some Argos models and the Dethleffs. Although my wife will probably like the fixed rear bed models!

The Argos seems to have a longer side bench seat than the Dethleffs (unless it's the images I'm looking at) and has a separate shower room to the toilet. This makes me wonder what fills the space on that side of the Dethleffs seeing as both vehicles are of similar length?

Also, the height seems a lot higher on the Dethleffs than the Argos - maybe it's because the roof line stays the same from front to back?

Oh my word, so much to discuss and consider.

Owners advice would be very much appreciated!



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I can only echo that point, go and see them. The photos are taken with wide angle lenses and can be very misleading. Both are pretty well made, shows are a good place to inspect a wide range of models, no one ever finds the perfect match to their needs, but sometimes you walk into one that feels right, and wasn't even on your long list for consideration.
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