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4WD Motorhome in Australia


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We are using a 4WD camper in Northern Australia from Darwin to Cairns - along the Savannah Way. We leave Darwin on 1st Sept and are due to give the camper back in Cairns on 26th Sept.


Has anyone out there done this journey? We are using a Britz 4WD which is the vehicle we had when doing the Gibb River Road two years ago. Brilliant robust vehicle, just right for the conditions!


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Two years ago we did bits of the Savannah Way at each end but 99% of what we did was on metalled road, and the other bits were good dirt roads in National Parks


I'm very envious, I would really like to return and visit the Gibb River Road and the Savannah Way east of Darwin.


We stayed with a friend in Broome to start with and the countryside was great


Have a great trip


cheers alan

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