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Unladen weight, payload and change of classification.


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Back from Sweden and Norway for a couple of weeks and still in withdrawal.

A notification of intent to prosecute landed on doormat about 4 days after we got back. As our van was a white-van in a previous incarnation I suppose it was inevitable at some point. However, I did have the vehicle classification changer to "Motorcaravan"

I pointed this out to the authorities and was asked to provide evidence of the vehicle's unladen weight, a scan of the Reg document for example.

Well my document doesn't have unladen weight on it. I was asked for proof that the van's unladen weight is less than 3050Kg, otherwise I would be liable for prosecution. (I admitted that I was travelling at 68mph on the A14 dual carriageway.) I was only able to tell them that when last weighed the van ws 2960Kg with full fuel and water, but no "weighbridge certificate. They accepted my word; for which I am very grateful.

We've had a lot of discussion about payload and weighbridges on this forum; and criticism of manufacturers for lack of information on payloads. Beware, particularly if you have a "bespoke" van with lots of bells and whistles. Make sure your van's unladen weight is below 3050Kg; or be prepared to drive a little slower!

I doubt if this situation will be a one-off, so I plan to try to have the van's reg document changed to reflect its unladen weight, but I can see problems in defining and certifying fuel and water levels; has anyone done this?

Sorry for long-winded post but I think others may be in a similar position.


alan b

p.s. Those of you with mainstream PVCs; does your reg document specify unladen weight?, (and therefore payload), or does a metallic paint-job protect against prosecution?


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...the A14 has something of a reputation.


This previous thread (which you may, of course, already have seen) has much on the matter that seems to be relevant to your query.....and it would appear that a "suck it and see" approach to prosecuting motorhome users may (still) be in place.







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Guest pelmetman
The b*ggers got me on the A14 *-).......................took the speed awareness course 90 quid 8-)................but no points on my license ;-)..............
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