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Aires for sat nav


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Hi All,

I have just bought a new tom tom and other than the fact I'm frightened to take it out of the box as I'm useless when it comes to computers I also need to put on it the aires in France. I did it with my old one some 10 years ago. Somebody on this forum gave me the info to add it to the tom tom.

Please Anybody help.

Shall get one of my grand children to help me with getting it out of the box.




One Life Live It (We r trying)

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I notice that you asked about this on 8 July here




but had no response.


This earlier thread may be helpful




TomTom's own website has information on installing POIs




and, if you can cope with those instructions (which should be up to date and accurate) you'd be wisest to follow TomTom's own advice.

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