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2014 Fiat Ducato information

Derek Uzzell

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As has been mentioned elsewhere on the forum, an Owner Manual is now available on-line for the recently announced ‘facelifted' Fiat Ducato (X290). It can be downloaded from here




I notice one significant difference from the outgoing X250. With the new vehicle, the headlight-unit now needs to be removed (a simple enough procedure) in order to change its bulbs.


Main-beam and dipped-beam bulbs are both now H7-type, rather than the X250’s H1 and H7. Sensibly, the X290 headlight-unit (when not fitted with an LED Daytime Running Light (DRL)) has the DRL function as part of the 21W/5W front sidelight bulb, replacing the X250’s unusual arrangement involving a 15W/55W H15-type main-beam + DRL bulb.

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