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Do you use travel insurance? Which one?


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Hi All. Just looking at travel insurance for 3 weeks away in the van, just wondered which company you lot use and does in normally cover theft from the van or would that be covered by my own car/house insurance.

As always, all info/help, much appreciated.

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I suggest you avoid any scheme which is sold or administered by Aviva (which includes the Barclays Bank scheme) because of an appalling attitide to claims.


My sister claimed a refund of her holiday booking after being diagnosed with cancer (which meant an operation followed by six momths of chemo) and Aviva repudiated the claim because she hadn't contacted them before paying for her holiday when it became due., a few weeks before travelling. This was two days after she went to her GP and was sent for investigations, but had been given no indication at all that she might have cancer. As far as she knew it was no big deal, she was just being sent for tests.


According to Aviva she should have rung them, told them of her symptoms and they would have told her not to pay.


She complained to Barclays, who were marvellous and immediately refunded the holiday costs themselves and sent flowers, but Aviva stuck to their guns and insisted they were right to refuse.


Moral of the story: don't go anywhere near Aviva for travel insurance.



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