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Rapido Drop-down bed broken


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Sorry I dont know if this is the right place but I need some advice. The drop down bed in my Rapdio Motor home has stopped clicking into place when it is stored away. Meaning it is only kept up by the clips- which have now started loosening during transit.


The bed suddenly came down during our holiday a few weeks ago and would have seriously hurt anyone sitting in the back seats- lucky our daughter was away at university and not in the van with us!


Does anyone have any ideas about how we can fix this problem. We have only had it for a year!



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Hello Lauren, and welcome. Give us an idea of what Rapido it is, and how old, and what part of the country you live in.


But, if you are anywhere near Wokingham, I would suggest contacting Wokingham Motorhomes, who are the oldest established Rapido dealers in the country, and so probably the best source of Rapido spares and information. It sounds as though a locking catch is out of adjustment, or has bent or broken, and if so, you are likely to need someone with knowledge of the van to identify what. Wokingham have a member of staff who is French, who regularly visits the Mayenne factory. That is likely to be on summer shut-down at present, but parts may be obtainable.

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