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External Gas Supply For BBQ What size please?


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I have an Autocruise Starspirit 2004 and It has an external female quick fitting for BBQ.


Does anyone know the correct male size plug for this and if has a name then that too please?


Am i right thinking I can circlip this to standard CADAC hose to use outside the MH.


I know its numpty but I am new to these things. (lol)

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....you will probably need something like this:




....though I believe there are several different designs.


If it happens that your outlet is a "Bullfinch" unit, you will need a different adaptor, detailed here:




.....and yes, you can jubilee clip this to a hose for an external device, BUT you need to check the pressure profile of both the output and input to any device connected.


It would be conventional to have the output in the low pressure side of the gas system (i.e. after the regulator) but I would check this, as it would be dangerous to make an assumption.


If so, and your device is set up for high-pressure use (in that it has its own regulator) then this will be incompatible.


If so, and the device is set up for low-pressure use (without its own regulator), you should check that the pressure requirement is compatible with the on-board regulator before using.


(If the device is set up for high-pressure input - with a regulator - and the pressure requirement is compatible with the onboard regulator, it might be possible to dispense with the device regulator).

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I wouldn't have a high pressure external LPG connector on my MH; sounds far too likely to leak sooner or later. I can't think of any gas device you would want to use with a MH which would need one anyway. I have low pressure external connectors and they work fine for a BBQ and an LPG-powered generator and they work OK.


We did have a gas leak on the branch pipework and connectors to these external connectors once, so the more in the way of extra connectors and branching your introduce into your MH's gas system, the bigger the risk of something like that happening. I thought I was being clever installing two but in practice I've never needed two so I should have stuck to one.

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When I fitted my GASIT refillable bottles to my van, I did not want change over valves either automatic or manual to keep things simple so GASIT have a connector which fits on their bottles which allow connection from the bottles to the bulkhead regulater via a hose with a hand wheel to tighten,all standard stuff,so I have one 11kg bottle connected to my vans system in use,my second 11kg bottle sits"; in the locker in reserve,ready for connection should the first bottle ever become empty.I can connect a standard Propane regulater to this second bottle quickly and easily for use as an external barbi point as the regulater has . Tighten hand wheel and  long hose connected to it and a quick release fitting in line  to seperate from the barbi,this saved having to fit a standard external barbi point,I have had the system for 18 months now and the first bottle has never become empty despite very frequent use as it is so easy to refill the system as and when I see a gas pump in a service station both home and Europe.works for me.

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