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Swift Sundance 2005 Baggage Locker Locks


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I would have thought that an established Swift motorhome/caravan dealership should be able to identify the locks you want. Otherwise, you could try asking about this via the SwiftTalk website http://tinyurl.com/opjbzct


I presume you’ve used GOOGLE to look for locks that match your present ones, in which case you’ll be aware that there are many different designs of compartment-locks and several manufacturers. Zadi door/compartment locks are often used and examples are shown here http://tinyurl.com/oznzbok However, even if your 2005 Sundance had Zadi-made locks, there’s no guarantee that those particular locks will still be marketed new in 2014.


Can you provide photos of the locks you need (the photo-files would need to be no more than 100kb in size) as this should help with identification?

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