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Renault Master / Movano Side/loading door problem


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I have a 58 reg (jan 2009) Movano camper on which the side door is sticking. The issue seems to be that the middle roller tilts too far when the door is opened until it goes 'the other way'. Obviously it has to tilt one way once the door comes out, but I think then it should remain straight to slide along. If I keep some weight on this side of the door as I open it then it helps, but obviously this is difficult when opening it from the inside as you need to pull that end of the door, which dissappears as it opens. There seems to be a fair bit of play in the top and bottom runners and I'm wondering if there is some adjustment that can be done there, or is a new centre roller needed, and if so of the 2 ebay pictures which do I need. The 1st picture shows the roller when it appears to 'tilt' the wrong way, the 2nd show it straight as it should be & the last 2 show the ebay items. Many thanks in advance for any help you can give.





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Try the Renault forum, this is maybe too advanced for most on here.


But do be careful, we went to view a 2004 Master PVC, the door came off and just missed my wife's feet. The seller said that he had only just had it fixed by a Renault garage. We didn't buy!


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