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Increase in speed for largest motorhomes >7.5 tons!


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I found this information on the CTC site:-

The Government plans to increase the national speed limit for HGVs of more than 7.5 tonnes on single carriageways from 40 mph to 50 mph, despite the fact that its own impact assessment predicts that it could lead to an increase in road casualties by between 9.4% - 19.3%. Savings to the haulage industry and the belief that it will cut ‘dangerous overtaking’ are amongst the reasons cited for the move, which is expected from early 2015.


The decision suggests that the Government would rather relax the current limit than go to the trouble of enforcing it. They state that 75% of HGV drivers already break it, and conclude that ‘changing the speed limit would level the playing field’ because those who do comply are ‘operating at a disadvantage’.


I wonder how many of these motorhomes conform to the current speed limit as in my experience the lorries do not?

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If they think that 75% of HGV drivers already exceed this speedlimit, it's difficult to believe the gloomy forecast for a big increase in casualties if the limit goes up!


A limit of only 40mph for lorries on single carriageway roads is very low and has the effect (if adhered to) of slowing everything else up and causing frustrated car drivers to attempt risky overtakes.


I suppose the safety concern in this context is whether the HGVs can brake quickly enough from a higher speed, on roads which will sometimes (but only sometimes) require sudden braking.


All UK roads present safety risks and yet we manage much better overall road casualty figures than other European countries. I think there would be little increase in overall risk or casualties from increasing the HGV limit on out-of-town single carriageway roads to 50 mph.

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