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Removal of cupboard Hymer 572


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Does anyone know if it would be possible to remove the wardrobe in the living area of a Hymer 572 and replace it with a jump seat as per the 562?


Is there anything housed in the cupboard base that may need re housing?


I presume a jump seat would cover that up any way if installed.


I appreciate that some people like the wardrobe, but we prefer the jump seat.



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Coachbuilt motorhomes nowadays are normally built from the inside out (See the following Youtube clip)



This means that the internal fixings for large items of furniture may become very inaccessible once the bodywork panelling and roof are put in place. On another forum a motorcaravanner described how, having bought a new Rapido and discovered that the shower-room had been incorrectly installed, the vehicle needed to be returned to the French factory for attention. This involved three days work (with the motorhome’s owner being provided with hotel accommodation) and the vehicle’s roof being removed and replaced. Motorhomes are not built with disassembly in mind...


I’m sure it would be possible to remove the wardrobe from a 572, though not necessarily without causing cosmetic damage that would be difficult to disguise. And (based on on-line external photos) it doesn’t look like there would be anything critical (like a heater) in the wardrobe base that would require relocation. So fitting a jump-seat should also be possible. But then, of course, you would have lost all the storage space that the wardrobe offers.


I’m asking myself why you are contemplating modifying a Hymer 572 in this way when the 562 model has the same basic layout, but includes the jump-seat you crave and ‘wardrobe’ space beneath the feet of the rear beds. Essentially, you seem to be considering converting a 572 into a 562 to get the jump-seat and, afterwards, you’d still need to address the loss of wardrobe space.

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If you have set your mind on a particular lay out, then wait until you find it. Major changes internally would probably mean some damage, and would loose value, and may not be saleable later IMO


If looking to change your MH, I would be a bit flexible with what you want and what is available, for the cash you have



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