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Sandy Balls


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It's a typical New Forest road, undulating, often with a large number of cows, horses and donkeys, along with cyclists in the evenings and weekends. The road narrows near to the entrance of Sandy Balls if I recall. However just take your time and watch for wide oncoming traffic and you'll be fine.


You are right in avoiding Ringwood and the road up to Fordingbridge. When the M27 becomes the A31 and loses a lane there can be a long tailback, particularly on Friday afternoons / evenings and at the weekends.


I'm fortunate to live just across the border in Dorset and it is a wonderful area.


Mad Mitch.

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Hi i,ve taken my m/home along the 3078 no problems apart from giving way occasionally, better than the jams between Picket post & Ringwood.


To all there are signs up on the A31 for road closures 10.00p.m to 6a.m. between 18/8 to 3/9.


A31, Hampshire

Location Jct 2 to Ashley Heathl West Bound

Period 18-Aug-2014 to 03-Sep-2014

Effect Moderate (10 - 30 mins)

Length 9301 metres

Description Closed Follow Diversion 2200 to 0600 Inlay

Location Map: View roadworks location on Google map

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That road is no problem,40mph limit, very scenic lots of roaming animals, ponies, cows,donkies, pigs and often deer,drive carefully and enjoy,Sandy Balls is a very good site,we use it often but on rallies when it is cheaper,lots of good walking,fishing in the river,nice Sunday lunch in the restaurant,bike hire, good pub nearby and Fordingbridge town is worth a visit,good chippy there.
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