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Truma Combi D6 question about fuel type


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I have recently finished a lwb sprinter conversion, took a long time 18 months on and off.


Quick question about the Diesel header Truma Combi D6, and if anybody has tried running it off red diesel?


I have plummed it into the main van tank and that all works fine, but to save money in winter i was wondering if i terminate the fuel line to a separate tank containing red diesel. This would save a hell of a lot.


Any idea's. I've not asked Truma as i know what they will say, but i just want to know if anybody has tried it.

Expensive test i know! lol





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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Mark.


It’s uncommon for motorhome manufacturers to install (or even offer as an option) the Truma Combi D6 heater, so few, if any, current members of this form are likely to have one in their leisure vehicle, let alone have experience of running it on red diesel.


Having said that, my understanding is that there is no significant chemical difference between red diesel and ‘normal’ diesel, and this appears to be confirmed here




I don’t envisage any technical problems with what you propose, though you’d need to factor in the cost of installing a second red-diesel-only tank when calculating how much you’d save by using that fuel. Obviously I don’t know what your circumstances are, or what your plans are, but (unless you fit a huge second tank) I would have thought that finding red diesel whenever you need to refill the tank might not always be straightforward.


If you don’t want to talk to Truma (Who may well think “How the hell should we know?”) you might try asking Eberspacher (who make the Combi D’s burner unit) who may know if there are any potential technical problems fuelling their heaters with red diesel.


It wouldn’t surprise me if horse-transporters fitted with diesel-fuelled heaters use red diesel as fuel and I believe it’s also used for heating in boats. As people happily (though illegally) run modern vehicles on red diesel, apparently without problems, I can’t see why running a relatively crude heater on it should present difficulties.

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Boats actually use red diesel for their engines, you can fill up in several chandleries. Several boat users prefer diesel heaters, and even cookers, to gas as lpg can settle in the bilge of a boat. As one that exploded at Stanley Ferry one night I when was there can testify.

If you contact a boat yard you might get the information you need, but red diesel just has a dye in it so that VOSA can check up on farmers who put it in their land rovers as well as their tractors.

There is a big business smuggling cleaned up red diesel in Northern Ireland.

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