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Motorhome Solar Panel +Fitting


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Apologies for the repetition but I now see that Imay have put this into the incorrect forum- so hopefully this is the appropriate one.


I have a Swift Kontiki 610 and had intended to have a Kyocera 140 w pane +Sunsaver Duo fitted by an installer in Hexham. He has now ceased trading but advises there are difficulties in getting such panels now and stated that in the last two years or so there have been Chinese panels on the market which have a solid reputation. He recommended Sunstore in Worthing as a creditable supplier and fitter.However they are at the opposite end of the country to me - I am in Stirlingshire, Scotland. Just to confuse matters more, I was speaking to a motorhomer yesterday and he was showing me his installation. He highly recommended the panels he had (Vision ? or a name something similar). So my questions are :

1. Is Kyocera panel still able to be sourced?

2. Views about the panels from China ?

3. Sunsaver Duo -still a good bet or any otherrecommended alternatives.

4. Any good installers that are recommended - in Scotland or in Merseyside( relatives there so not a problem for overnight accommodation during installation)



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The guy who runs this business knows his stuff and he is the sort of bloke who will not oversell and will advise you honestly even if you are not likely to buy from him:




He does attend shows during the year so you might be able to hook up somewhere, even though his base is also a long way from Stirling.


I bought from him 3 years ago and have had no problems and the stuff does exactly what he said it would. I understand that imports solar panels and supplies a lot of dealers in the MH/caravan world, so if there are recent changes in types and best value among panales he should certainly know the answers.

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