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Cycle route in York


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We stayed in York earlier this month and stopped at Nabburn Camp Site. It is beside the river and only 2-3 miles outside the city. It is a private site, i.e. not one of the clubs, and cost £19 per night for 2 inc electtric. Excellent facilities and 10 minutes walk from the village where there is an excellent pub with great menu.


We are not cyclists but the campsite is on the route used by the Tour de France in July. The site was featured in MMM during June or July I think and lived up to the comments


Have a good trip


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Naburn Lock is the best site to go to if you want to cycle into York it is very near to to the Selby _ York sustrans route 65 and is mainly on disused railway track or riverside path. It is also easy to get to the York Designer retail outlet also on cycle path beside the road Plus it is a lovely site. We have been going for five years now. We always go York races Ebor week as the cycle path crosses the track which means you canstop and watch the races which is good even if you are not interested in racing,


This is the site web site



I can guarantee you will not regret using this site.





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