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renault master


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Please can any one help with this. i can only get reverse ,1st,3rd,and 5th gear in other words all the gears with the gearstick in the forward position it will not engage in 2nd or 4th the gear stick will not go in the backward or down position??Help please
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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums.


I’m doubtful that - other than to guess that this may be related to the gear-selection mechanism - you will get specific advice from forum-members on what the probable cause of this fault is and how to rectify it. For an accurate diagnosis the vehicle really needs to be inspected by someone with mechanical expertise and the fault demonstated.


I notice that you’ve mentioned in another posting that your Renault has a vibration problem (though I would have thought that the lack of gears is much more serious) so that might be relevant.


If there are known faults with Masters that involve vibration and/or gear selection, a Renault commercial dealer may well be aware of them. Otherwise, you might try asking about this on a Renault-related forum. This one clearly involves itself with inquiries about Masters




Renault has used the “Master” name for over 30 years




so you’ll need to identify when your vehicle was made and which motor it has.

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