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auto trail oven


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hi. can anyone please let me know if there is a further switch for the electric hob in autotrail. what ever I do I cant get that hob to heat up, and the little red tail tail light remains off. the manual is useless on this point. anyone know what to do. thanks, michael
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It would help when you ask technical questions if you provided year and model details relating to your motorhome (eg. 2011 Auto-Trail Frontier Scout).


Auto-Trail handbooks are usefully available on-line and, when there is obvious confusion about equipment that is fitted to a motorhome (as there definitely was when you asked recently about your vehicle’s heating system on the Motorhome Matters forum) this may be difficult to resolve if year/model information has not been provided.


I notice that, in an Auto-Trail handbook picked at random, the section about the Spinflo oven says


"Using The Electric Hotplate

Before using the electric hotplate, ensure that the vehicle is plugged into a 230V electrical supply and that the isolation switch is in the ‘ON’ position.”


From that advice it’s reasonable to assume that Auto-Trail has a policy of fitting a separate switch for the electric hotplate and, logically, it ought to somewhere near the oven itself.


I believe Ninian’s Mohican is a 2003 model, so exactly where the “isolation switch" in your motorhome is located may be different. But there probably is one...

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In our Autotrail, there is a socket under the oven, behind the flap at the cooker bottom. Check and see if yours is the same, and that it is switched on.

BTW, does your hob ignition work? If it does, then I would suggest a fault with the cooker, as it would need a mains feed for the hob igniters, I think.

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