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VW T5 key fob


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Can anyone help.

My son is on a camp site in a small village in southern Italy. Yesterday his 'van would not start but the key opened the doors. He eventually got it started ( don't know how) Today both sets of keys open the doors but will not start the engine. Battery voltage is 12.7.

Will replacing the fob batteries work ( assuming they are flat) or do you have to go thro' some sort of routine to get them "recognised"

Any help will be appreciated and I can then text him.

Thank you

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Sounds as though it is a problem with the immobiliser transponder or system.


As far as I know the battery will only supply the central locking part. Therefore replacing them will not make a difference.


There will be a small transponder chip in the key and a reader coil around the barrel. If neither key works in points to the vehicle.


Probably not much help.




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