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Next years main tour


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Just starting to think about next years spring adventure.

We will allocate six weeks over late May and all of June and thought about a round tour as per the attached map.

I would be interested in comments, good or bad, as to the proposed route, places to see, places to avoid and time scale or any other relevant observations.


The OH would like to go north to Denmark then east to Hungary and Eastern other European countries.


Would that be a more interesting alternative?


The map is not to clear but you should be able to get the idea. We would avoid tolls as much as is practicable and follow the coast roads when possible.


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Hi Cliffy;

we did a circular tour of France for our first trip, and it was memorable.

You might care to look at The Canal du Midi, which is worth a look. We found it a bit tricky to follow closely, but some very scenic bits along the way. Milau Bridge definately worth a look, even if you are trying to avoid tolls, but looks as though you are going further eastwards along the coast.

It was also our first experience of France Passion and probably the most successful so far.

I'm sure you'll enjoy it, and I personally wouldn't do Denmark and Eastern Europe at same time, and not in a 6 week trip,


alan b

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Guest JudgeMental
Denmark a bit flat and uninteresting, Sweden far better. I would save that region for another trip, weather out of season can be not that great....
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It was either Spain OR Denmark not both in one go.


I think the sun is calling now and I am pretty sure we will head for Spain and we will try and stretch it to 7 weeks. We normally use ACSI so it is a case of working back from the start of high season around the 6th July so that would mean setting off mid may.


I am thinking it would be better to head down the west coast of France and into Spain so we hit the warmer weather earlier then make our way back up the east coast. OH wants a week in Annecy I fancy a trip up the Aiquille du Midi cable car in Chamonix. So I would have more chance of getting fair weather in late June, We were there late may one year and it was snowing and fogy, the Cable Car had closed down.


We have never been to Switzerland, any suggestions for a good camp site would be helpful. We like mountains and lakes so a access to both would be ideal.


Also suggestion and advice on a route through the Pyrenees wouldbe appreciated. It will be our first time in Spain with the van.


I know I am in danger of looking like I am wanting people to plan the trip for me but I am just collecting info from various sources so I can make an informed decision. In the end we will probably do what we normally do, point the van in the direction we want to go and then just see where it takes us.







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there are good routes to hungary, which is worth a visit. through germany where there are many good sites and stellplatzen. you may be a bit early, but if you are lucky you may catch some bier/wine fests (every village /town has one). then to austria which is beautiful, and has lots of good campsites. we then went through slovenia , also beautiful. we stayed at Ptuj, which turned out to be a lovely traditional small town, with a castle with strong scottish connections. the campsite (acsi) was next to a thermal hotel and leisure centre so gave free entry to the many slides, pools, hot tubs and different types of sauna. from there you are in reach of lake balaton, a favourite holiday resort for hungarians. budaest is superb. lots to see and do. some good campsites (acsi), we stayed at one that is a converted tram station, very good, and one near the centre also good. both had easy bus/tram/underground links to the centre. a 3 or 7 day travel pass gives you unlimited access to any of these transort modes.

as for france, any route is a good route. enjoy

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As you are going over at the end of May worth hanging around the Normandy beaches for D Day week lots going on & many towns open up extra Camping Car parking (free of course).


We have just worked our way down to Provance via the Loire & Milau found a fabulous wild spot above Peyre, a village a few km west of Milau with great view of the bridge, also walked from the valley bottom by the base of the tallest pier up to the viewing area. Peyre is well worth a visit one of those charming villages built into the rock face.


Going south down the west side the A20 is toll free as far as Brive and the A75 is toll free apart from the Milau bridge.

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