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Roadpro.Tv // Tyrepal.


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A little surprised to see Roadpro TV on the motor home channel (although if I thought deeply about it, I should not be :D )


However has any used / fitted the Tyrepal monitoring equipment ?


A couple of questions ;


Does having the transmitter screwed on the valve assembly stain anything ? The rotational speed must be something (Velocity = 2 pi X radius for those unfortunate enough to have done mechanics exams ! )


Is the transmission affected by distance to the rear wheels and electronic interference from Fiat's dashboard ?







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hi Tony

ive got the tyrepal TA22X had it 2 years easy to set up etc

the sensors screw onto the valve and are locked in place by a locking ring so nobody can half inch em!

no stains or owt because there is no grease etc just electronics and a disc battery simples B-)

ive had no problems with transmission ive 5 valves, and on the spare which is at the back 7mtr away, battery life is good on both valves and monitor which can be charged as you drive (cig socket)


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