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Servicing etc in West Yorkshire

Mike B.

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Just had my van serviced and repaired following discovering a noise on way home.

We hear a lot on here about costs being excessive so thought I'd post this and see the responses.

Full service to 2.8 Ducato

all filters & oil

new brakepads on front

new nearside wheel bearing

mot pre check

Collection & delivery of van

Total cost: £327 including all parts, labour & consumables

I thought this was very reasonable and standard of work was very good, consequently, would recommend to anyone round here looking for a good mechanic.

What do others think?


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I get mine serviced and MOT,d by Hall Street Motors in Crosshills. Not far from Keighley. I live in Utley


Dennis only does what is required so I only get charged for essentials. EG he does a pre MOT service and only changed oil and filters when the mileage is right . I only do about 7,000 a year and the oil is good for 20,000 so he changes it every other year.


Average service is about £90 plus parts. He checks everything especially things like tyre wear damage and age.


Hope that helps


PS I do the habitation myself. Van is 4250 KG and 8 mtrs long

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