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Thetford N100 Fridge


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Hi everyone.

Does anyone have experience of converting / upgrading this fridge from manual power selection to automatic?  It would be ideal if the fridge just flipped from one source to another as they become available.

I used the Thetford website contact form some 3 weeks ago to ask their help and got a standard reply "Your custom is important to us and we will respond in 5 working days"

I contacted Lunar (our Motorhome) and they told me to go to an after market specialist.

So, hoping you can help.
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It used to be possible to (expensively) retro-fit an 'automatic energy selection’ system to certain Dometic fridges, but I’m not aware that Thetford has ever offered that capability for their appliances.


One reason it was relatively straightforward to carry out the Dometic conversion was that the fridges’ controls were much the same for manual and automatic models. However, I believe the Thetford N100 was only marked in manual-selection format and its control-panel is unique to the model. So, even if were technically possible to ‘automate’ an N100’s electronics, I can’t see how you’d operate the fridge once converted.


I suggest you forget it...



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As Derek says its possible to change the control panel on the Dometic range from Manual to Auto for about 150 pounds.

If you look at this site below there is a Thetford N100 with SES (Smart Energy Selection ) Model mentioned but cant see any diagrams ,you may have to do a bit more research on the web or speak to Leisure Shop Direct for more Info ....your model has now been superseded with N3100 anyway.




Good hunting


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Brian is correct (and I was wrong).


Evidently there were 3 versions of the N100 fridge referred to as N100-MEC, N100-EES and N100-SES




The 3-letter designators are explained here




The fridge’s control-panel layout will differ according to the specific N100 version involved





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