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Hello to all

We bought our first MH on the 8 September after many years comparing our caravan life to what it would be like in a motor home and always coming down on the caravan side due to having the car and a fixed base sort of thing.

Val got fed up eventually with all the caravan paraphernalia (awning, water barrel, waste hog, hitching up, getting on and off the drive, windy days etc') so I gave in and we bought Miss Daisy our 2011 Autotrail Apache 634 low profile. It came with the media pack, Platinum pack and an Oyster self seeking satellite dish and we think it looks the business.http://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/images/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

So far had 2 - 4 day breaks, being retired does that you know, to Llandovery and then Lincoln and Castleton. My confidence in driving it has grown but we have been steering clear of town parking. We also look for campsites that are in close proximity of a shop or shops so that limits our choice.

I invested in a bike which came in useful in Llandovery as the chinese couldn't deliver so "on yer' bike John" Val says.

My right knee has recovered!!

We are getting the hang of packing things so they don't rattle and all those draws full of tea towels have certainly come in handy along with the tacky rubber matting. Val made bags for the bottles and the grill pan and along with wine carriers they work a treat.


I have been reading about the Ducato aerial problems and given Miss Daisy is a 2010 model registered in January 2011 we have the dodgy radio reception problem. I am still not certain what the answer is. A pillar aerial seems a good bet but which one is best or replace the double din radio and again it is which one.


We have also got problems with the water draining from the sink and basin as it is ridicuously slow but Spinney advise it is as good as it gets and have blown it through. They blame the position of the fridge under the sink.

Also the step stopped working which gave out a constant alarm when we where driving along so we had to kill the power in the motorhome which off course killed the fridge, radio and reversing camera but cured the problem with the radio tuning in and out. There is an upside to everything!!


New step fitted yesterday so fingers crossed.http://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/images/emoticons/icon_smile.gif


Cannot wait to get over the channel next year as I think we will enjoy it more touring like we did on the motorbikes so we are heading for the Dolomites. May even take a short break if we can stretch to it and return to the Puy-Du-Fou.


Like the bikes we are getting back in to waving to like minded people so we may see you around and I will raise questions on the forums no doubt.


In saying that should i put the radio question elsewhere or has it been done to death and I haven't found it yet??


Be safe.




John & Val

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Hi John and Val.

It is could to have newbies on the forum it improves the gene pool. We have been motorhoming for five years now and love it. The forum members have been very helpful and supportive over that time. There are some who are a little opinionated but still helpful, just ignore the nasty comments and don't bight.


Advice I would give to any e new to motorhoming is

Know the Max axel weight of you van and ensure you are within the limits.

Fit camping CP tyres inflated to the correct pressure.

Use ACSI campsites or Aires when in Europe so buy ACSI discount card and all the Aires of France book before you go. There are other ways but we found these gave us confidence when we first started and still use of them now plus others.

Only use toll roads if in a hurry or the non toll road is not sensible. (Time, distance, mountainous).


Most importantly ENJOY.




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Hi Val and John :-D we also were caravan rs and changed to Motorhoming 2006, the water hauling and emptying as well as awning erecting got to us as well.


You may find it easier as we do to shop on route buying what we need for 3 or 4 days which is our usual stay on site, we haven't stayed anywhere longer than that in a long time that I can remember anyhow :-


We are still C.C . members we dropped the CCC membership as we don't go to many sites now in the UK preferring to go over the water through France and our usual haunt Germany + this year into Austria last year Switzerland, staying on a mix of camp sites Aires and Stalplatz .


We have downsized from a C.B to a PVC this is the 2nd year in a smaller van which we find a bit easier to park in towns etc; although we are the same length but a bit narrower. The main reason for the downsize though was we wanted a fixed bed which we have achieved by cutting down on the bathroom size would you believe :-) and a smaller wardrobe.


Anyway Im sure you will love your motorhome and soon get the hang of things. Its a shame about your step problems quite a few people have posted with the same problem but is usually fixed by a good clean of the workings or a fuse change!! anyway any other problem you have ask on here first before going for expensive parts replacement, they are a lot of experienced people who Im sure would be only to happy to advise you. Oh and we have a couple of folding bikes with carriers on the front for our two chi,s but don't go more than a couple of miles were not bike enthusiasts but they do come in handy for as you said running short provisions.


Happy motoring maggy. (lol) oh and if retired the bus pass comes into its own when away from home.

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Thanks for the advice Cliify.


We used ACSI many years ago when we had the Goldwing and trailer so I will revisit them.


We are hoping to go out of the main season, say May or September, and just look for a site or Aire around 16.00hrs. Is this viable?


Of course in the caravan we booked ahead but it was for 4 to 7 nights at a time.




John & Val



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Hi MaggieD


Thanks for the response.

We stock up on the food and drink but Val loves here newspaper and crossword. I may buy her a crossword book and see if that resolves things given the content of the modern press!


We had a fixed bed caravan and have moved to 2 singles to be made up in the "U" shaped lounge. Funny how that is acceptable in the MH but not at all in the caravan. Hmmm!


Take care out there


John & Val



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