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Up sizing - so far so good


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lynneroy - 2014-10-08 12:44 PM


very interesting to know you are getting on so well, we are considering doing the same, could I ask what enigine in your peugeot as the fule consumption appeals to me.


Many thanls




Hello, it's the Peugeot 2.2 turbo diesel, its actually a Ford engine if that makes any difference to you.



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robertandjean - 2014-10-11 9:11 AM


Alan D - 2014-10-11 8:33 AM


Hi Lenny,

we are off to france next week and have always avoided non kiosk fuel stations, as this will be the norm , any chance you can run through the procedure using a card.?

I had no luck last time. Do you insert your card and then retrieve it before the pump will work?

I hope most cards are now accepted.

Thanks Alan.


We are in France now and using supermarket card pumps all the time. Basic procedure is insert card then follow prompts, often first asks to confirm which fuel you want followed by entering your pin number etc.When prompted you then remove your card and fill with fuel. We use a Nationwide Visa card with no problems except at a couple of older intermache pumps which would not accept this card or our Mastercard. But we do find it much easier than having to drive past kiosk many of which are rather tight, but all comes back to van width again.



I've had trouble in the past with these machines - mostly card rejection - so avoid them, but it looks as if they will become the standard before long.

It would also be much easier to fill up in France on a Sunday using card machines !


I'll have another go at them next trip.


To clarify - having chosen your fuel do you then enter the number of litres you want - or the amount you want to pay ? Or do you just take want you want and get charged accordingly ?





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Some card machines give a choice of language and some, a few, even identify the right language when you insert your card.

Follow the instructions which are fairly clear even in French and fill what you want usually up a limit of 99.99 Euros which does not always fill us up but it is near enough for a lot more miles.

We too have had problems with Intermarche but none of the others and so as of last year we no longer stop at them and that has solved that problem!

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any one going to Caen, the pumps at the Carrefore, are all card, but the fuel is cheap. We got confused thinking that it was pay a desk, but the "desk" is actually a wine/beer shop, which looked to be english!!



Hi PJ and anyone else using the Carrefour at Caen or Oustrium as the place is called if my spelling is right.


I went there to fuel up about three years ago and as i was not used to french pay pumps I made a mistake and it would not give me my card back for almost twenty minutes I was panicking since then I have tried the same card two or three times and it keeps rejecting it even tho the card was changed my card was a Lloyds Visa debit so I am still surprised it does not work there but works everywhere else.

There is no one to help unless you want to ask the next french person to come to your help.

So the morel hear is be careful at these card machines.

If you do have problems there go past it to the roundabout and turn right carry on for about three miles go to I think to the third set of traffic lights and turn left there is a supermarket on the left about two miles and fuel is cheep there I forget what the name of the supermarket is.

Hope this helps.




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